I don't know if it's just me, but I'm having problem with this homepage. You see, everytime I update, I never can see the changes, before I reload it. So, if you don't see any updates or changes in this page for a long time, say two weeks, try to push the reload or refresh button, and if you still don't see any updates, then no errors, don't worry, it's just me..........not doing any updates  ^_^

The Date of Updates                                  Updates
Sunday, 07/09/00 Well...I guess, it's already been 4 months!!^____^ And I have good news for you all!!!^O^ Just read the following updates I've done :

  • Let's see....I've added one new submission of "How Did You Became A Fan?"
  • And then, I've added FAMILIES pictures of the FRIENDS characters, I got their dads, moms, sisters, etc ^.^
  • Aaaand....THE BEST PART of today's updates!!! I've put up UNSEEN FOOTAGE in MPEG FORMATS!!!!!!!^O^ YAY!! That's right! Check it out!!! Some scenes you HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE from TOW The Whole London Wedding, baby!!!^_____^

I've captured all the pics that just been added, and also the MPEG video clips captured and compressed by MOI!! So, pleeeeassseee....DO NOT link it to your site directly!! If you want it so badly for your site, then just link the section, k?? More infos on the section, just go there!!^^ And, I'll see ya' around soon!!

Monday, 03/11/00 WAHH!! It's been two months!!!^O^ Sorry, guys! Anyway, here are the updates :

  • Added some moments for Chandler and Monica, Monica and Phoebe, Ross and Phoebe, Chandler and Phoebe.
  • As for Joey and Monica, I put up a new pic for them, captured by me, requested by Annie!! There you go, Annie!!!!^O^
  • Added some new submissions for "How Did You Became A Fan?" starting from Linda...^^
  • I've deleted "Re-mentioned Names", coz it has no purpose...=P
  • Added LINKS section!!!!! So, for those who had put my link on your site, this is my chance to repay you back!!! THANKS!!!
  • Added Ursula, Joanna and Sophie in the Small Characters section!!!
  • Added something for Joey and Phoebe in the Special Friends section....^_____^

Like always, I've captured all the pic that just been added!!^^ And, see ya' another few months later!!!!^O^

Saturday, 01/22/00 Well...I guess not much updates I've done, but TWO NEW SECTIONS are up!!!^_~ Here are the updates :

Oh, MOST of the pics I've add *JUST NOW* in the "Their Appearance Changes" are mine, I captured them all by myself!! So, pls, DO ask my permission first, if you want to use them on ur site, okay???^_^ That's all!!! And, see you next month!!! Hopefully...=P

Sunday, 01/16/00 AT LAST!! I open this site again!!!^O^ Hehe...okay, from now on, I won't say I close it...but, maybe I'll update only once a month!!^^ Or...if I'm *very* busy, maybe 2-3 months. But, I'll *never* close this site again!!^___^ Anyway, here are the updates :

  • I've changed the pic in the "They're Singers Too!!" section!!^^
  • Put up the form for "When Did You Became a Fan?" back!!!!
  • I open the "Submit Your Moments" section back too!!!
  • Changed the pic in "Chandler and Ross' Moments", "Joey and Ross' Moments", "Rachel and Monica's Moments", and "Ross and Phoebe's Moments"!!
  • Added some moments in "All of Them", "Guys", "Girls" and "Joey and Phoebe"!! Also, some brand-new pics!!!!
  • Added one midi song in the MIDI Songs section
  • Added news in the News for Indonesian section
  • Added Ross and Rachel's pic in their Drunk Moments!!^^
  • Added pics and three new characters in The Small Characters section!!!
  • Changed the look of the guestbook!!!!^^ So, make sure you'll sign it...AGAIN!!!!!!

Oh, just so you know, EVERY pics I've add *JUST NOW* are mine!! I captured them all by myself with Creative SoftMPEG Program!!! So, if you want to take and use them, pls, at least, ask my permission first, okay???^_^ Well...I guess that's it!!! And, next week I'll add some moments, ALSO a new section is coming up!!!!^O^ And, I'll join some webrings too...^^

Sunday, 10/24/99 Hiiii!!!!!!! Whoa...it's been like, 3 months since this page was being build, and I haven't
update this site at all!! I felt really guilty...~_~ But now, I've updated the site!! And the updates are :

1. New section...MIDI Songs!!
2. Updated the "How Did You Became A Fan?" section
3. I've received an award!!! ^O^ I'm sooo happy!!!!!!
4. I've put up a support banner!

Okay...I guess that's all!! Oh, and PLUS a little bad news...=( That I'm closing down this site
until further notice. And it's not like I'm closing "closing", you guys could still enjoy my site!
I'm just going to stop updating it, since I REALLY have no time for it....=( I have another TWO sites to take care and I also have school, which is very suck...~_~ But, hey, who knows, when I'm in a good mood, I'll update the page again...^_^

Friday, 7/9/99  Okey..........what have I update?!? Hmmm.........................wait, wait, I updated the entire page!!!!!!!!!! YEP!! Welcome to the grand opening of The Best Moments of FRIENDS site!!!! 
I, Terry is the author, the creator, and the owner of this site!! So if there's question, comments, critics, don't be shy to e-mail me!!!!!!!! Oh, just a note that I don't have English as my first language...........so, please forgive me about my bad grammar..........^_^ 
Okey!!! Surf around! Have a nice day!! And, don't get any virus!!!!!!