Their Appearance Changes

Okay, it's time to talk about the cast's physical changes throughout the WHOLE seasons of the show!!!!!^_____^ Some of them are just about the hair, but some of them are about the bodyshape too....=P Okay, let's just start!!!!!!

Phoebe Buffay

Her first appearance EVER!!!^^ Curled and long hair!! This is her look in season 1, the first episodes....

A-ha!! Phoebe in the last episodes, still in season 1! Still long, but it's a straight hair now!!!!!^___^ Oh, yeah...I also notice something, I don't think she looked pretty good in the first season...maybe coz of the make-up, huh??

Phoebe in the first episodes of the second season!!! She's sooo pretty, don't u agree??^_~ She had layers hair-cut!!! And, the make-up improved, right????^_____^

Now, I think this is her BEST look, not to mention her best HAIR!!!!^^ I luv it!!! She looks soooo beautiful!!!!!! I *JUST*LUV IT!!!!!

This is her look in Season 3!! Just a regular, long, straight hair!!!^^ I think she looks pretty good too here.....=P

This is her look when she's pregnant!! Just the same hair, I guess...^^ But, she looks a bit older, doesn't she??O_O I dunno.....


Ross Geller

His BEST LOOK!!!!!^O^ *sigh dreamily* I just luv Ross in this hairstyle!!!!^^ He looked VERY cute too here!!!!!^_~ Season 1 and season 2!!

Ross in the third season!!!!! Not bad, huh???^.^

Ross in the last episodes of season 3!!! He's still look cute, though!!!!!^^

His last appearance, I guess!!!!! With the -kinda- long hair...>_< I think he'd better get a haircut....

Joey Tribbiani

His first hairstyle in FRIENDS!!!! Episode 1, season 1!!!!*lol* No offense, but kinda stupid, isn't it??*giggles*

But, on the next episode, his hairstyle changed immediately!!!^^ Oohh....sooo cute, huh???^____^

Joey in Season 2!!! I think he's cute with that hairstyle!!!!!^^

Heyy......look!!!! Season 3 and STILL no changes!!!^^ Wait a minute....and why the hell did I put this one here???O_O Ahh, heck.......~_~

Joey in the last episodes in Season 4!!!!! I think he's pretty cute too here!!!!!^____^ And, I guess, this is also his hair in season 5??O_O How stupid I am....but, I forgot.....>_<

Monica Geller

Well...this is her first hairstyle on the show!!!^^ In the FIRST episode!!!^^

And, just like Joey, she changed it immediately! And appeared differently in the second episode....=P

I like this one the best!!!!! She's VERY pretty, RIGHT????^O^ No arguement!!!!!^_~

I like this one too!!!!^O^ This is suppose to be her in the last episodes of the second season!!!!^^

Monica in the last episodes of the third season!!!!^^ This one's look good too!!!!!

Hmm.....I don't think I like this one...>_< I dunno, what do you think?? This is in the mid-season 4, I guess...

I like this one too!!! The last episodes of the fourth season!!!!^_____^ Short hair and I think she's pretty and cute too in this haircut!!!

*gasp* Curled hair Monica!!!!! Bad-hair-day, I guess....~_~ Good thing it's only for 7 episodes.....^_~

Back to long and straight hair!!!!! I think this is a lot better!!!!!!^____^ She's pretty!!!!!!

Rachel Green

Her first haircut!!! Curled and long!! Hmm....I don't think I like this one....>_<

Second season!! Pretty good on her....but, still....something's wrong....O_O

Now, I like this one!!!!!^O^ Long and straight hair! Looks VERY good on her!!! And, I think she dyed it brown, huh???

Still the same!! But, not too brown anymore.....^^ Back to her original color, I guess....^^ And, I think this is still her hairstyle up to season 5....^_____^

Chandler Bing

I'm sorry if it's too dark....>_< I captured it in a hurry...=P Oh, well....this is his first haircut in the first season!!! Looks pretty good on him!!!!^_^

Oh! Wow!!! I think he's sooo handsome here....=P First episodes of the second season!!!!! Sooooo cute!!!! Phoebe did a GREAT job! Hehe......

Well...his hair is pretty much the same here...but, he looked soooo skinny.....=( Mid-Season 3!!

Still looked skinny and PLUS, what's with the goatie?????>=(

AHHH!!!! YES! Back to cute again!!!!!! =P He's sooooo cute in the first episodes of the fourth season!!!!!!^O^

Hmm...his hair grew a bit, and he put on a little weight...>_<

Okay, he did cut his hair a bit and, he's *definitely* looked a little chubby here.....=( He should really get a diet, huh???>_<

Okay, guys!!!! I guess that's it!!!^___^ And, you know what?? I think Monica who won the MOST OFTEN HAIRSTYLES CHANGING!!!!^^ She's the one who through sooo many haircut changes!!!!!
As for Chandler, well.....he's the only one who could won the MOST OFTEN PHYSICAL APPEARANCE CHANGING!!!!*lol*
Anyway....if you want to take and use the pics here, pls, ask my permission first!!!! Because, I captured MOST of them by myself...^^