The Friendship of Special Friends

Hehe...wondering what this is??^_~'s just a section contains my opinion about special friends and their relationship that has been going on!!! Wanna know who they are?? Then, just read on!!!!

Chandler and Monica

Alright!! Their friendship?!? Is soooooo special!!!!! I mean, they've known each other since 1988 for crying out loud!!!! And, they're the only FRIENDS casts that always stick around together, y'know!! Well, actually, Ross too...since he's her bro, but, hey, Chan and Mon live across the hall for nearly 10 years!!!! EVEN before Joey show up!!!! So, you can imagine what kind of bond they have, right?? Besides this, they have LOTS in common!!!!! Both are neurotic, childish, having some problem with relationship....=P And, I just realized both are having problems with their employees!!^^ Hehe...remember, when Phoebe become Chan's secretary, she knew the other work people hate him, right?? And, as for Monica, Joey as the hired waitress to get fired, was trying to fit in, coz the other hate Monica!!!*lol* Coincidence??
Their friendship's bond is just TOO tight!!!!! Until, without realizing it, they kinda took the next step!!!!! As bestfriends AND lovers!!! Soulmates, precisely!!!!!!^_____^ Their friendship had lead them to a more romantic-everlasting relationship....=P They complement each other!!!!!! They meant to be together!!!!!! I mean, I always, picture that Chandler would make a VERY PERFECT father, y'know!! I mean, he works in a multi-national BIG company, right?? With the office and all!!!!! And, Monica, is a CHEF!!!!!! Could she be MORE perfect as a mother??
They'll have the MOST PERFECT family!!!^O^ No doubt!!!^^ Anyway, even though they're lovers now...their friendship still go on, y'know what I'm saying??^_~ Oh, and this doesn't mean they'll never break up......~_~ We never know what's in the writer's mind....=(

Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel!!! Different than Chan and Mon, Ross and Rach became special friends AFTER they broke up!!!^^ I never know why...>_< Oh, well, one thing for sure, before they become a couple, Ross would never see Rach as a bestfriend, coz he's falling in love with her...^_^ He saw her as someone who's very special in his heart!! This also goes for Rach, when Julie show up!!! She's falling in love with him, that's why she never see him as a bestfriend. Anyway, after they broke up, they got through the awkwardness and the mocking phase...*lol*....the -trying to get each other jealous- phase!! Somehow, they became bestfriends!! I mean, Rach was definitely support Ross about Emily (that is before she realized she still luv him =P)!! She's also the one who care so much about Ross and his flirting problem, she's the one who run aallll the way dowstairs chasing Caitlin, just to convince her that Ross is actually a sweet guy...*_* Rachel accompanied Ross too, when he bought the new couch, and trying to get it into his apartment....*LOL*.....very funny, btw!!! Oh, well...just some proves, how close they are after they broke up!!! Also on TO in Vegas, Ross accompanied Rachel in the room, coz of what he did to Rachel's face....=P But, that showed how much Ross care about her!!!!!^^
Now, I have no idea, those are really PURE friendship.....or it also involved with their own feelings for each other, they didn't realize because both burried it in their deepest bottom of their heart! Only time can tell....

Joey and Phoebe

Oh, c'mon!! Don't deny it!!! They also have special friendship!!!!! They may never HAVE any romance relationship! But, they ARE also special friends ^.^ Everything started since Joey's thing with Ursula. I guess, Phoebe realized how much Joey means for her as a friend, she don't want him to get hurt because of her evil twin sis...*lol*...another thing, I think Joey and Phoebe understand each other more, y'know! Like the identical hand thingy, when the other four thinks it's something stupid, Phoebe's there, try to help Joey!!!^_^ Oh, and Joey actually gave up meat for Phoebe! Awwww....isn't that sweet? Joey and Phoebe through the same pain in the hospital!! Concidence??*lol* Yeah...I guess so...=P Not to mention, some fights they have through too!! About the PBS thing, also about the guitar lesson Phoebe gave him. I mean, when C&M or R&R are friends, they never have this kinda fight, right???^_~
Joey also said Phoebe is his number one girl on the phone!!!!! Well, maybe he didn't mean it! But, this just showed HOW CLOSE Joey and Phoebe are!!!!! They're just SOOOO ALIKE!!!! Dumb, but sometimes could be smart too!!!!!
Hehe....I mean like when Phoebe explained to Ross, how could he unbelievably arrogant about evolution! And, Joey asked to Ross, "If Homo Sapiens are HOMO that why they got extinct??" *LOL* Rather stupid, but, hey, it's logical!!!^^
Oh, they also like to defend each other too!!!!^_^ Proof?? Here you go :

Phoebe: Well you all know that I'm a pacifist so I'm not interested in war in any way. (Gets up) But y'know what? When the revolution comes, I will have to destroy you all.(Starts to leave) (To Joey) Not you Joey.
~TOW The Ride Along~

Joey: Okay. Well, if that's how you feel about it, fine! None of you get to live with me in my great big hand-shaped mansion! Except uh, you Pheebs. You can live in the thumb.
~TO In Vegas Part 2~

And, not to mention perfect for each other! Oops...did I just say that?? Hehe...I think the writers should give them a chance, I mean c'mon!! Three cliffhangers focused on Ross and Rachel, one cliffhanger for Chandler and Monica(Chan kissed Jan and Mon broke up with Richard...=P), one cliffhangers for R&R AND C&M, I think it's Joey and Phoebe's turn now!!!!!! They have to have something together!!!! Not necessarily a romance, just something... y'know! Oh, well....I hope the writers SOMEDAY will give them some serious plotline....=P It's about freakin' time!!!!!