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So, you may have notice that I haven't done yet with the moments stuff. And, it'll be a very, very long time until I finish checking all of the scripts for looking their moments. So, I need your help! Please! If you remember any moments of the BESTFRIEND couple or the LOVERS couple or THE GUYS or THE GIRLS or ALL OF THEM.........then please submit it here!! So, I could finish the moments sections faster with your help....^_^ You're a nice person, I'm sure you'll be able to help me.......^________^ Anyway, here are two ways for you to submit the moment(s):

1.  If you could only remember the moment and you didn't have any memory at all from which
     episode the moment is, then no problem just leave the 'episode fill' blank. And describe the
     moment you remember in the 'describe' box. After you push the 'submit' button, it'll direct send
     to my e-mail. As soon as I check my e-mail and see your submit, I'll try to remember from which
     episode it is and read the script and when I find it, I'll copy it and paste it on my page along
     with your name, the submitter ^_____^ Clear??

2.  This one if you could remember from which episode the moment is!! You go to The Complete
      Friends Script Index, find the script, then find the moment, copy the quotes, paste it here in
      the 'describe' box, then push the 'submit' button! And when I see your submit, I'll post it right
      away on my page along with your name, the submitter!!! In this way, it'll be very easier for me
      ......hehe........Okay! Is that clear to you??

Okey, great!!!! So, what are you waiting for?!? Submit your moments!!!!!! I know those moments has already hanging around your head!!!! Then fill in this form!!!

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From season and episode/title of the episode: 

Describe the moment(s)/write the quotes: Stunning, fast, FREE!
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