The Small Characters   

Here are the small characters, that showed up in every season!!!! But, not all of them, appears in every season...^^ And, some of them plays a rather important role too!! Now, let's get on with it :


Who doesn't know Janice?!? That "OH........MY.......GAWD" phrase is soooo famous. And her foghorn voice is unforgettable. And, her laugh.....oh, my god! Those stuff is really annoying, eh?? Well, anyway, she's Chandler's soulmate (at least that's what she think about them). She have this on and off relationship with Chandler. The last time we saw her is in season 5 where she went out with Ross ^_^


Poor Gunther........he always had this huge crush on Rachel, but no one knows....not even Rachel. He always keep it in his heart.....=( He works in Central Perk, by the way. And he always hated the guy Rachel's dating with. That includes Ross....


Carol is Ross' ex-wife and Susan is her lesbian lover!! And, they're married!!! ^____^ They live with Ben, Ross and Carol's son. Ross used to hate Susan, but I think, he's getting used to her.........


Awww.....Ben is soooo cute!!!! This is him in Season 5, so I guess he's about 4 years old here!!^^ I should reeeaalllyyyy get his baby pics, huh???^_~


Joey's agent!! She became his agent since Joey's performance in "Freud!", a play.  And, she almost appear in *every* season!!!^___^ She also interested in Rachel and Monica too once...she said, "Aw...too bad! Coz with her face and her chest, we could really put something together!!!"*LOL*

Mr. Trigger

Mr. Trigger is kind of a cleaning service at the apartment building!! He appeared in season 2 and rather often in season 4!! Especially, TOW The Ballroom Dancing, where Joey becomes his dance practice partner!!*LOL* VERY FUNNY!!!!^_____^

Ursula!! " looks like Phoebe to me.." you say??? Hehe...of course!!! Ursula is Phoebe's twin sister!!!!!!^O^ But, both of them aren't really get along very well. In fact, Ursula is some kind of an evil twin....*LOL*....Anyway, she once dated Joey, but then she dumped him...>=( Ursula show up once in a while in every season!


Joanna is Rachel's boss! She show up in season 3 and season 4! And, she dated Chandler twice...=P When Rachel almost get the Assistant Buyer position, Joanna died. Poor Rachel......=(


Sophie is Joanna's assistant too! But, Joanna never actually appreciate her...=P And, when she knows Joanna has died, she's very happy.....@_@

Now, if I forgot any small character that showed up in every season/series, please......lemme know! Alright??