Rachel & Phoebe's Moments

What's Rachel and Phoebe's relationship?!? Actually, they're not related at all, except the fact Phoebe is Monica's ex-roommate and Rachel is Monica's new roommate. And, now.....they're friends! YAY!! Here are their moments :

Season 1

PHOEBE: Are you okay?
RACHEL: I need some milk.
PHOEBE: Ok, I've got milk [takes thermos from her bag and starts to pour a cup] Here you go... [Rachel drinks straight from thermos] Oh![Rachel finishes thermos] Better?
RACHEL: No...oh!, I feel so stupid! Oh, I think about the other day with you guys and I was all "Oh, Paolo, he's so great, he makes me feel so..." Oh, God, I'm so embarrassed!
PHOEBE: I'm so embarrassed, I'm the one he hit on!
[Phoebe's and Rachel's lines overlap]
RACHEL: Pheebs, if I had never met him this never would have happened!
RACHEL and PHOEBE: I'm so sorry! No I'm sorry! No I'm sorry! No I'm sorry!
PHOEBE: No, wait, oh, what are we sorry about?
RACHEL: I don't know...right, he's the pig!
PHOEBE: Such a pig!
RACHEL: Oh, God, he's such a pig,
PHOEBE: Oh he's like a...
RACHEL: He's like a big disgusting...
PHOEBE: ...like a...
RACHEL: ...pig...pig man!
PHOEBE: Yes, good! Ok...
RACHEL: [voice wavers] Oh, but he was my pig man...how did I not see this?
PHOEBE: [raises hand] Oh! I know! [Rachel startled] It's because... he's gorgeous, and he's charming, and when he looks at you...
RACHEL: Ok, Ok, Pheebs...
PHOEBE: The end.
RACHEL: Oh, God...
PHOEBE: Should I not have told you?
RACHEL: No, no, trust, me, it's, it's, it's much better that I know. Uh, I just liked it better before it was better...
[Phoebe scoots her chair over to Rachel and hugs her]
Ep. 12 ~TOW The Dozen Lasagnas~

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