Rachel and Monica's Moments

Well, they obviously are bestfriend in high school!! But, when Rachel's go to college, they split up. Then....they meet again since Rachel left Barry at the altar and went to New York, and, then they became roommates!!

Season 1 

MONICA: So how you doing today? Did you sleep okay? Talk to Barry? I can't stop smiling.
RACHEL: I can see that. You look like you slept with a hanger in your mouth.
MONICA: I know, he's just so, so... Do you remember you and Tony DeMarco?
RACHEL: Oh, yeah.
MONICA: Well, it's like that. With feelings.
RACHEL: Oh wow. Are you in trouble.
MONICA: Okay. Okay. I am just going to get up, go to work and not think about him all day. Or else I'm just gonna get up and go to work.
RACHEL: Oh, look, wish me luck!
MONICA: What for?
RACHEL: I'm gonna go get one of those job things.
Ep. 1 ~TOW Monica Gets a New Roommate (The Pilot)~

RACH: Ten dollars an hour for what?
MNCA: Oh, I asked one of the waitresses at work if she'd help me out.
RACH: [hurt] Waitressing?
JOEY: Uh-oh.
MNCA: Well... of course I thought of you! But... but...
RACH: But, but?
MNCA: But, you see, it's just... this night has to go just perfect, you know? And, well, Wendy's more of a... professional waitress.
RACH: Oh! I see. And I've sort of been maintaining my amateur status so that I can waitress in the Olympics.
Ep. 15 ~TOW The Stoned Guy~

ROSIN: This is a great place. How long have you lived here?
RACHEL: I've been here about six years, and Rachel moved in a few months ago.
MONICA: Yeah, I was supposed to get married, but, um, I left the guy at the altar. Yeah, I know it's pretty selfish, but hey, that's me. Why don't you try the hummus?
ROSIN: So, Monica, what do you do?
RACHEL: Uh, I'm a uh, chef at a restaurant uptown.
ROSIN: Good for you.
RACHEL: Yeah it is. Mostly because I get to boss people around, which I just love to do.
ROSIN: This hummus is great.
MITCHELL: God bless the chickpea.
MONICA: (laughing) Oh, God, I am so spoiled. That's it.
RACHEL: And by the way, have I mentioned that back in high school, I was a cow.
MONICA: I used to wet my bed.
RACHEL: I use my breasts to get other people's attention.
MONICA: We both do that.
Ep. 17 ~TOW The Two Parts-Part 2~

MONICA: You okay?
MONICA: Really?
RACHEL: Yeah! Y'know, ever since I ran out on Barry at the wedding, I have wondered whether I made the right choice. And now I know.
JOEY: Big day.
Ep. 20 ~TOW The Evil Orthodontist~

Rachel: Oh, Monica. You are not still going over that thing.
Monica: This woman's living my life.
Rachel: What?
Monica: She's living my life, and she's doing it better than me! Look at this, look. She buys tickets for plays that I wanna see. She, she buys clothes from stores that I'm intimidated by the sales people. She spent three hundred dollars on art supplies.
Rachel: You're not an artist.
Monica: Yeah, well I might be if I had the supplies! I mean, I could do all this stuff. Only I don't.
Rachel: Oh, Monica, c'mon, you do cool things.
Monica: Oh really? Okay, let's compare, shall we.
Rachel: [Yawning] Oh, it's so late for 'Shall we'...
Monica: Do I go horseback riding in the park? Do I take classes at the New School?
Rachel: [Yawning] Nooo...
Monica: This is so unfair! She's got everything I want, and she doesn't have my mother.
Ep. 21 ~TOW The Fake Monica~

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