MIDI Songs


Okay...so there are few songs that show up in the show, but didn't show up in the soundtrack, right?!? That's why I'm putting these songs in here....it's in MID format. If you want to save it, then "click+shift" it. I hope you'll enjoy it!!^O^

1. All By Myself by Eric Carmen
   Season 2, Ep. 17, TOW Eddie Moves In
   Chandler and Joey Moment

2. Endless Love by Lionel Richie
   Season 3, Ep. 8, TOW The Giant Poking Device
   Sang by Chandler and Phoebe

3. Copacabana
   Season 2, Ep. 24, TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding
   Sang by Rachel

4. Singing In The Rain
   Season 2, Ep. 4, TOW Phoebe's Husband
   Ross' Moment

5. Strangers In The Night
   Season 2, Ep. 11, TOW The Lesbian's Wedding
   Carol and Susan's Wedding

6. Take A Bow by Madonna
   Season 1, Ep. 24, TOW Rachel Finds Out
   Rachel's Moment

7. With Or Without You by U2
   Season 2, Ep. 8, TOW The List and Season 3, Ep. 15, TOW Ross & Rachel Take A Break
   Ross and Rachel's Official Theme Song!! ^O^

8. Y-M-C-A by Village People
   Season 2, Ep. 21, TOW The Two Bullies

9. Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton 
   Season 5, Ep. 23, TO In Vegas, Part 1
   When Monica talked to Phoebe about her feelings to Chandler...^_~ And, also, Chandler and
   Monica's Official Theme Song!! ^O^ At least...according to mee...=P