Monica & Phoebe's Moments

Well...their relationship obviously ex-roommates. Phoebe can't stand living with Monica, so she moved to her grandmother's house.

Season 1

Monica: Hi.
Phoebe: Hi.
Monica: What are you doing here?
Phoebe: Nothing, I just thought I'd stop by.. y'know, after the uh... that I.. y'know, so what are you doing here?
Monica: I'm not really here. Just thought I'd drop these off...on the way.. my way... Do you come here a lot? Without me?
Phoebe: No. [Monica brushes Coma Guy's hair in the other direction] No! No! ...So, um, do you think he's doing any
better than he was this morning?
Monica: How would I know? I-I wasn't here.
Phoebe: Really? Not even to, um, change his PAJAMAS?! [Whips back the sheet]
Ep. 11 ~TOW Mrs. Bing~

Season 3

Monica: Pheebs?
Phoebe: Huh?
Monica: Whereís your bed?
Phoebe: Itís not in the apartment? (Monica gives a ĎCome oní look) Oh no. I canít believe this is happening again.
Monica: What?
Phoebe: Okay, enough with the third degree! I-Iíve, I donít live here anymore.
Monica: What are you talking about?
Phoebe: Iím sorry, I-I-I-I donít live here anymore. I-I didnít know how to tell you, but y'know everybody else knows!
Monica: Everybody knows!
Phoebe: That was supposed to be a good thing, I forget why. Just listen, Monica, I, do you know, okay, do you know, I couldnít sleep for like a month because I got like a dot of ink on one of the sofa cushions.
Monica: Well, you-you coulda just turned the cushion over.
Phoebe: Yeah, I wouldíve except I had a big spaghetti stain on the other side.
Monica: What?!?!
Phoebe: Okay, this is what Iím talking about, this. I-I need to live in a land where people can spill.
Monica: You can spill. In the sink.
Phoebe: Aw, honey itís not your fault, y'know this is who you are, and I love you, and I want us to be friends, and if I keep living here I donít see that happening.
Monica: I love you, too.
Phoebe: Aww, good. (they hug) What?
Monica: What? Iím just said.
Phoebe: No youíre not, youíre wondering which cushion it is.
Ep. 6 ~The One With The Flashback~

Season 4

Phoebe: Okay, is this the day of good news or what? I got us a job! The wedding reception.
Monica: Ohh! Umm, Phoebe, I kinda need to talk to you about that. (Rachel excuses herself) Umm, well I-I-I think it might be time for me to take a step back from catering.
Phoebe: But weíve only had one job.
Monica: I know, but now we have this second one and it just, it feels like itís snowballing, yíknow?
Phoebe: Yeah! What are you saying?
Monica: I got offered the head chef job at Allesandroís.
Phoebe: What?
Monica: Itís okay, Ďcause y'know what? You donít really need me for the business.
Phoebe: Youíre the cook! With out you itís just me driving up to peopleís houses with empty trays and asking for money!
Monica: All right. But umm, I-I-Iíll pay you back all the money you invested, and you can keep the van.
Phoebe: For what? I canít believe this! I gotta get out of here. (leaves)
Monica: Phoebe, wait a minute! (runs after her, leaving Rachel alone)
Ep. 9 ~The One Where They're Gonna PARTY!~

Monica: (entering) Ohh, here you are. Yíknow, Iím-Iím glad you decided to hear me out.
Phoebe: Okay, Iím hearing.
Monica: Iíve been doing a lot of thinking. A lot! And umm, well, I came up with a whole bunch of businesses you can do with your van. Okay umm, you could be flower delivery person.
Phoebe: What?!
Monica: Or! A bakery delivery person.
Phoebe: I wa-I wa-I waÖ
Monica: Pizza?!
Phoebe: Monica!
Monica: All right, Iíve got a whole bunch of uh-uh, stuff in this area, but umm, Iím getting the feeling that you donít want to deliver.
Phoebe: No.
Monica: Okay. Iím guessing that if you donít want to deliver, you probably donít want to pick stuff up either.
Phoebe: No.
Monica: Yíknow what, letís do the catering business.
Phoebe: Really?! Are you sure?
Monica: Yeah, y'know I-I made a commitment to you. Yíknow what, itíd be, itíd be fun.
Phoebe: Oh! It will be fun! Ohh! Yay! Oh! Okay, ooh, letís plan the wedding reception. (She grabs the notebook which
Monica used for her ideas and starts flipping page after page after page after page after page to find a blank one.) Wow! You really wanted me to do something with this van. (pause) Yíknow what, I want you to take the chef job.
Monica: Really?!
Phoebe: Yeah. Thatís what you really want. Yeah, I donít want to be the reason youíre unhappy, that would just make me unhappy, and I really donít want to be the reason Iím unhappy.
Monica: Thank you.
Phoebe: Besides, it might be kinda fun to form the new A-Team.
Ep. 9 ~The One Where They're Gonna PARTY!~

Season 5

Phoebe: Mon, can I talk to you for a sec?
Monica: Yeah, what is it?
Phoebe: Umm, I lost one of your earrings. I'm sorry! I am so, so sorry!
Monica: (shocked) Wow! All right well, I mean, what can you do? If you lost it you lost it.
Phoebe: I will replace it, I promise. I feel so terrible.
Monica: All right, sweetie that's fine. You didn't do it on purpose.
Phoebe: No.
Monica: Look at you! Come here! (They hug.) Feel better?
Phoebe: Yeah! You're the best!

Ep. 19 ~The One Where Ross Can't Flirt~ and thanks to Anna

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