The Formation Before

Another silly section about the members of the FRIENDS group, before now. Okey...first formation is :

1. Ross, Monica, Rachel and Chandler back in 1987. Actually, this is not the REAL first
   formation, but at least, they hung out together every Thanksgiving Day ^_^

2. Now, this IS the real first, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Kip. Monica and Phoebe are
   roommates, Chandler and Kip live across the hall, and Ross just hung out at Monica's
   apartment every night, coz he lives with his wife, Carol. And, we never really get to see Kip.
   I hope someday there'll be an episode where Kip's back!!

3. Kip moved out, since he's married OR coz he got phased out. Hmm, here's another quote
   that made me confused :
    CHANDLER: Yeah, yeah, it's just that with my last roommate Kip
    JOEY: Aw, I know all about Kip!
    CHANDLER: It's just that we bought a hibachi together, and then he ran off and got married, and things got
    pretty ugly!!
    Season 1 Ep. 12 ~TOW The Dozen Lasagnas~

    Rachel: (To Joey) Do you even know who Kip is?
    Joey: Who cares? You're Rachel! (To Chandler) Who's Kip?
    Chandler: Kip, my old roommate, y'know we all used to hang out together.
    Joey: Oh, that poor bastard.
    Rachel: See? Yeah, you told me the story. He and Monica dated when they broke up they couldn't even be in
    the  same room together and you all promised that you would stay his friend and what happened? He got phased
    Season 5 Ep. 5 ~The One With All the Kips~

   Which one is the REAL reason??O_O Well......anyway, Kip moved out.....and Chandler found
   Joey, so, Joey replaced Kip. So, the second formation is Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe,
   and Joey.

4. The next one is the LAST formation hopefully.....Rachel showed up in the first episode with
   wedding gown. She just left Barry at the altar, and she decided to have a new life and not
   depend on her parents. So, since Phoebe moved out a long time ago, Rachel fill in the
   empty room in Monica's apartment. So, that's it! The last formation, Ross, Monica, Chandler,
   Phoebe, Joey and Rachel!!!!