The Family Of FRIENDS

Have you ever pay attention to the FRIENDS family?? Of course, you have!! Alright, so did you ever pay attention about their names?? How many siblings do they have?? Well, here's the section where you can find everything about their families!!

Joey's Family

Okey, his father is Joseph Tribbiani Sr. and her mother name is Gloria Tribbiani. His father also have a girlfriend, Roni (TOW The Boobies). Joey got seven sisters!  Whoa! And their names are Gina, Dina, Veronica, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Cookie.......and I don't know the last one's name......^_^......sorry. Well, that's pretty much it!! Joey's family!!!!
Rachel's Family

Rachel's dad is Dr. Leonard Green, he's a doctor......but he's also dealing with these boats. Sandra Green is her mom. And, they're divorced. Rachel have two sisters, Jill and....hmmm......I never get to know the other's name O_O But, anyway...Rachel don't seem to be very close with them, since she told Danny that they're not very nice people =P Well, we've all seen Jill.....I don't know about the other one...I guess, the one Rachel said have a maskulin energy?!?*LOL* I wish she show up in one the next episodes!!!^^

Ross and Monica's family

So, Monica and Ross are sibs! Their dad is Jack Geller and their mother is Judy Geller. And their parents is the happiest married couple in FRIENDS!! Unbelieveable, eh? They're still soo in love with each other....awww......something rare to find, I guess...^_^
One thing, their parents are soooo proud of Ross, but they've always underestimated Monica.....I don't know why, poor Monica......=(

Chandler's family

Chandler's parents got divorced before he hit puberty. Coz his father would rather sleep with the house-boy than her mom, if y'know what I mean....^.^  And, Chandler is the only child. I never really know his father's name, her mother's is Nora Bing. She once showed up in TOW Mrs.Bing, Ross kissed her in that episode...^_______^
Phoebe's family

Phoebe got the longest family least, that's what I think....^.^ Okey, first of all.....her stepmother is Lily (who have already passed away) and her birth father is Frank Sr., but then Frank left when Phoebe just a baby. Her stepmom married another guy, but then he went straight to jail (I never know why......). And, she never found out about her real mom, until the gang went to the beach in Montauk for a vacation, there she found her birth mom, Phoebe Sr.
And then, she asked her where her father is, but her mom never answered. Anyway, she have this twin sister, Ursula. She first showed  up in TOW Two Parts, where she dated Joey. She also have a half-brother, Frank Jr. who's married to Alice Knight (a 44 years-old woman), when he's only 18!! Cool, huh?? And they also asked Phoebe to be the surrogate mother of their children., Phoebe never get to meet her father, until her grandmother died, Frank Sr. showed up at the funeral.