Chandler & Monica's Moments

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Season 1 :

CHANDLER: She's amazing! She makes the women that I dream about look like short, fat, bald men!
MONICA: Well, go over to her! She's not with anyone.
CHANDLER: Oh yeah, and what would my opening line be? 'Excuse me. Blarrglarrghh.'
Ep. 6 ~TOW the Butt~

MNCA: [brings a plate of tiny appetizers over] Hey, maybe this'll cheer you up.
CHAN: Ooh, you know, I had a grape about five hours ago, so I'd better split this with you.
MNCA: It's supposed to be that small. It's a pre-appetizer. The French call it an amouz-bouche.
CHAN: [tastes it] Well.... it is amouz-ing...
Ep. 15 ~TOW The Stoned Guy~

MONICA: I can't believe you. You still haven't told that girl she doesn't have a job yet?
CHANDLER: Well, you still haven't taken down the Christmas lights.
MONICA: Congratulations, I think you've found the world's thinnest argument.
Ep. 16 ~TOW The Two Parts-Part 1~

MONICA: Brrrrrrr!
CHANDLER: Hell is filled with people like you.
Ep. 20 ~TOW The Evil Orthodontist~

MNCA: I want a baby.
CHAN: Mmmm. Not tonight, honey. I got an early day tomorrow.
MNCA: Get up. Come on. Let's get some coffee.
CHAN: Oh, ok, 'cause we never do that.
Ep. 23 ~TOW The Birth~

MNCA: No fair. I don't even have one. How come they get two?
CHAN: You'll get one.
MNCA: Oh yeah? When?
CHAN: All right. I'll tell you what. When we're 40, if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and have one?
MNCA: Why won't I be married when I'm 40?
CHAN: Oh, no, no. I just meant hypothetically.
MNCA: Ok, hypothetically, why won't I be married when I'm 40?
CHAN: No, no, no.
MNCA: What is it? Is there something fundamentally unmarriable about me?
CHAN: [trapped] Uh, uh.
MNCA: Well?
CHAN: Dear God! This parachute is a knapsack! [throws himself over the back of the chair he was sitting in]
Ep. 23 ~TOW The Birth~

Season 5 :

Monica: Well, we certainly are alone.
Chandler: Yes! Good thing we have that, "Not in New York" rule.
Monica: Right. Umm, listen since we're-we're on that subject, umm, I just wanted to tell you that uh, well, I-I was going through a really hard time in London, what with my brother getting married and that guy thinking I was Ross' mother?
Chandler: Right.
Monica: Well, an-anyway, I just...that night meant a lot to me, I guess I'm just trying to say thanks.
Chandler: Oh. Y'know, that night meant a lot to me too, and it wasn't because I was in a bad place or anything, it just meant a lot to me...cause, you're really hot! Is that okay?
Monica: (laughs) That's okay.
Chandler: And I'm cute too.
Monica: And you're cute too.
Chandler: Thank you! (They hug.) All right, I gotta go unpack.
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: Bye.
(After he closes the door, Monica starts to follow him, but thinks better of it and stops.)
Chandler: (entering) I'm still on London time, does that count?
Monica: That counts!
Chandler: Oh, good! (They start kissing.)
Ep. 1 ~TO After Ross Says Rachel~ and thanks to Natchou

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