Chandler & Monica's
              Love Story

Now, Chandler and Monica have the MOST short and easy love story!! Not like Ross and Rachel's complicated history, they're love story go on smoothly, although they through some fights too, but nothing big enough to break 'em up!! They're love story begin when Chandler's in college and Monica still in High School. When she first met him, Monica had crush on him. But, of course Chandler not attracted at all to Ross' fat sister. Then, one year later, Monica is already thin and she got this sexy body. Chandler was stunned when he saw her thin, he kept staring at him. But, after those two years, they never fallin' love again. They meet everyday alright, but they're nothing except FRIENDS. Ten years later, Ross is getting married with Emily. And the night before the ceremony, I don't know how it happened, but they're there......on Chandler's bed, slept together!! They make a date to meet again and.............y'know......again. But, then Chandler worried what it might do to their friendship. Monica agree. But, again, they promised that they'll do it ONLY in London. When they get back to New York, they don't do it. Well, they tried to do it again while they're still in London, but they kept being interupted,'s Rachel, then it's Joey, then it's Ross. So, they never had the chance to do it again. And, when they're back to their apartment, they chat for a little while and talking how that night meant a lot to them. They hug. Then, Chandler exit the apartment. But, he came back and said, Iím still on London time, does that count?  Monica said,  ohh, that counts!! 
Then, they kissed......awwww..........for all I know, they're still not in love yet, They just have a.......y'know...........relationship, but their love grown slowly and everytime they had a fight, they're love getting stronger and stronger. And, at last, Chandler is gonna married her in Vegas in a little chapel. BUT! Before they exchange their vows, they saw their two bestfriends came out from the chapel laughing, and it's very obvious they're drunk, and you know WHO they are!!!!!!!!!! Let's just keep our fingers crossed for what's gonna happen to Chandler and Monica in the next season!!!!^_^