Chandler & Rachel's Moments

They are my favorite couple as FRIENDS next to Joey and Phoebe!!!!!!! Oh, and I found a serial fanfiction site about them!! Check out Beyond Friends - Chandler and Rachel!!!!! I think they're so sweet when they're interacting together.....they're like siblings!!!^_^ Anyway, here are their moments :

Season 1

Chandler: ...Couldn't enjoy a cup of noodles after that. I mean, is that ridiculous? Can you believe she actually thought that?
Rachel: Um... yeah. Well, I mean, when I first met you, y'know, I thought maybe, possibly, you might be...
Chandler: You did?
Rachel: Yeah, but then you spent Phoebe's entire birthday party talking to my breasts, so then I figured maybe not.
Ep. 8 ~TOW Nana Dies Twice~

Rachel: Chandler, I gotta tell you, I love your mom's books! I love her books! I cannot get on a plane without one! I mean, this is so cool!
Chandler: Yeah, well, you wouldn't think it was cool if you're eleven years old and all your friends are passing around page 79 of 'Mistress Bitch'.
Ep. 11 ~TOW Mrs. Bing~

Rachel: That is IT! You just barge in here, you don't knock-
Chandler: I'm sorry!
Rachel: -You have no respect for anybody's privacy-
Chandler: Rachel, wait, wait.
Rachel: No, you wait! This is ridiculous!
Chandler: Can I just say one thing?
Rachel: What? What?!
Chandler: That's a relatively open weave and I can still see your... nipular areas.
Rachel: Oh!!
Ep. 13 ~TOW The Boobies~

Joey: [Runs out in a towel] What's the matter with you?!
Rachel: I thought it was Chandler!
Chandler: [Comes out of his room] What? What?
Rachel: You were supposed to be in there so I could see your thing!
Chandler: Sorry, my- my thing was in there with me.
Ep. 13 ~TOW The Boobies~

CHANDLER: I'm just trying to find the right moment, you know?
RACHEL: Oh, well, that shouldn't be so hard, now that you're dating. Sweetheart, you're fired, but how 'bout a quickie before I go to work.
Ep. 16 ~TOW The Two Parts-Part 1~

CHAN: Come on, Ross? Remember back in college, when he fell in love with Carol and bought her that ridiculously expensive crystal duck?
[Everyone looks at him. He realizes he just spilled the beans about Ross's crush on Rachel. You can hear this entire classic scene by clicking here.]
RACH: What did you just say?
CHAN: [panicked] ahem... um... Crystal duck.
RACH: No, no, no.... the, um, the... 'love' part?
CHAN: [stuttering incoherently] F-hah.... flennin....
RACH: Oh.... my God.
CHAN: [rubbing his temples] Oh, no no no no no....
Ep. 24 ~TOW Rachel Finds Out~

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