Chandler & Phoebe's Moments

Are they related? Well, you could say that..........coz Phoebe is.................Chandler's....... ex-neighbour. Huh...........yeah, I guess that's it!! Anyway, let's just get on with their moments :

Season 1 

CHAN: That's it?
PHOE: Yeah, it was really hard.
CHAN: Oh, yeah, that hug looked pretty brutal.
PHOE: Ok, you weren't there.
Ep. 5 ~TOW the East German Laundry Detergent~

CHAN: How do you do that?
PHOE: It's like a.......GIFT!
CHAN: Ohh....we should always always break up together.
PHOE: Oh, I'd like that.
Ep. 5 ~TOW the East German Laundry Detergent~

CHAN: Well?
PHOE: [excited] Wow! It's huge! It's so much bigger than the cubicle. Oh, this is a cube.
CHAN: Look at this! [he opens the curtain to a view of New York City]
PHOE: Oh! You have a window!
CHAN: Yes indeedy! [they look outside] With a beautiful view of...
PHOE: Oh look! That guy's peeing!
CHAN: [walks away from window] OK, that's enough of the view. Check this out, look at this. Sit down, sit down.
PHOE: [sitting] OK.
CHAN: This is great! [he presses a button on his intercom] Helen, could you come in here for a moment?
[An unamused woman walks into the office.]
CHAN: Thank you Helen, that'll be all.
[She leaves, obviously perturbed.]
CHAN: Last time I do that, I promise.
Ep. 15 ~TOW The Stoned Guy~

CHANDLER: Can you hear that?
PHOEBE: [plays with a thumbtack remover] Yeah?
CHANDLER: See That´ll stop when you pick up the phone.
PHOEBE: Oh. Uh, I´m on. [picks up the phone]
PHOEBE: [with a deep voice] Mr. Bing´s office. No I´m sorry, he´s in a meeting right now.
CHANDLER: I´m not in a meeting. I´m right... Whoops.
PHOEBE: Will he know what this is in reference to? And he has your number? All right, I´ll see that he
gets the message. Bye bye.
PHOEBE: Ross says hi.
PHOEBE: This is so fun. All right, what do we do now?
CHANDLER: Well, now, I actually have to get to work.
PHOEBE: Most likely. [raises and goes toward the door] Okay, I´m gonna be out there.
PHOEBE: All right. Bye bye.
CHANDLER: Bye bye.
[The intercom buzzes]
PHOEBE: Whatcha doin´?
CHANDLER: Ooh. [leans against the desk]
Ep. 22 ~The One With the Ick Factor~

Season 5 

Chandler: Oh, you're-you're going?
Phoebe: Umm, not without you, lover. (She slowly walks over to him and is showcasing her bra.) So, this is my bra.
Chandler: (swallowing hard) It's very, very nice. Well, come here. I'm very happy were gonna be having all the sex.
Phoebe: You should be. I'm very bendy. (Pause) I'm gonna kiss you now.
Chandler: Not if I kiss you first.
(They move closer to together and Phoebe hesitantly puts her hand on Chandler's hip. He puts his hand on her left hip but then decides to put his hand on her left hip. Phoebe then grabs his butt. Chandler goes for her breast, but stops and puts his hand on her shoulder.)
Phoebe: Ooh.
Chandler: Well, I guess there's nothing left for us to do but-but kiss.
Phoebe: Here it comes. Our first kiss.
(They slowly and hesitantly move their lips together and kiss gently. Phoebe has her eyes wide open in shock and Chandler is squinting. He finally breaks the kiss after only a short while and pushes Phoebe away.)
Chandler: Okay! Okay! Okay! You win! You win!! I can't have sex with ya!
Phoebe: And why not?!
Chandler: Because I'm in love with Monica!!

Ep. 14 ~TOW the Everyone Finds Out~ and thanks to Poppy

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