When Did You Became A Fan?!?

These are some of the fans story about how they got addicted to FRIENDS!!!^O^

Listya :
Fave char : Monica Geller
It was 1996, I started watching Friends coz...my Grams bought me sum foreign mags, and they were talking about how good Friends is, how cute the stars are, and I saw the clip on RCTI!!! At first, that not-so-good TV station aired Friends at midnites!!!! Sucks!!! But then, they moved the airing-time!!! Yay!!! Okay, the first episode of Friends that I watched was... season 2, TOW Five Steaks And An Eggplant!!! LOL!!!!! Yeah, and our local mags were starting to expose it!!! Plus, season 2 had the Ross & Rachel relation-ship part....and I was an R&R fan back then...=P Actually, I wasn't so obssessed w/ Friends.....Yea, I buy the CDs, but not addicted...... It was season 4 finale that made me a Friends freak! Or should I say, Chandler & Monica freak... >__< LOL!!! My first favorite character was Rachel, and then Phoebe, then Monica, and now...CHANDLERRR!!!! Chandler Bing rules!!! Yay!!!

Camille :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
Hey Terry!! Camille here!!! I started being a Chandler fanatic when---- I started watching FRIENDS!! He's so adorable with Monica! Doncha' think?

Sarah :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
Always!!!!! This show rocks, baby! So does this page!!

Elaine :
Fave char : Ross Geller
When Ross and Rachel first got together, i started watching every week. i have not missed an episode since.

SickMari :
Fave char : Rachel Green
Well, i like to watch new shows and guess if they are going to get canceled so when i heard there was new show called friends coming on i thought "frRRIIIEENNNDDSSS" just by the name i thought it would get canceld but i gave it a chance i tuned in on the pilot episode and i was like hey this is pretty funny i think i might tune in next week and the next week i was like hey this
chandler dude is pretty funny i think ill tune in next week and i just keep tuning in and before u know it i was hooked. at first chandler was my favorite but then phoebe was my favorite and now its rachel and phoebe ......yeah thats it bye!!

Jo :
Fave char : Rachel Green
From the moment the 1st episode was shown!! But now i've become obssesed evertything i have is friends i can't last a day without wtching it and i even turned down a school trip abroad cause i'd misss friends!!!

MB :
Fave char : Rachel Green
I started watching friends in series 2 and I wasn't that obsessed and then end of series 4 boom! I was buying videos making webpages, quoting bits left right and center! In fact I'm the most crazed friends fan I know!

Dewey :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
From the first I saw FRIENDS episode 1 season 1

FRIENDSfreak :
Fave char : Joey Tribbiani
A year ago... I think... My friends told me to start watching it, and I'm VERY happy I did!! =P

Linda :
Fave char : Rachel Green
In 1996 I started watching it. I got addicted when Ross and Rachel became a couple! I've been a friends freak ever since Ross and Rachel rock!!

Karis :
Fave char : Phoebe Buffay
When it first came out my mom's bestfriend told her about it and I watched the first episode with her and I've been watched ever since it started, I was in third grade.

Chan-Chans :
Fave char : Joey Tribbiani
I started watching it from day 1! A loooong time ago! Like 5 years? I don't watch it every week, but I've seen a crap load of em...

Christine :
Fave char : Monica Geller
It was when I was in the 5th grade..which was in 1996! I love 'Friends'!

Rachel McCarron :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
The first time I really fell in love with the show was when I watched "The One With The
Football". I really love that episode because it was the first one I ever saw! Friends Rocks !

Katie :
Fave char : Phoebe Buffay
I have been a fan of "Friends" since it started!  I was in 4th grade and now I am in 9th!  Everyone thinks that I am crazy because everything someone says reminds me of something from "Friends"!  I think that Phoebe and Chandler are SO funny!  Actually, all of them are!  I AM A "FRIENDS" ADDICT!!!

Rachel :
Fave char : Rachel Green
I am so much like her on FRIENDS because, I am sort of messy, I hate to clean, love to be in style, love to look my best and just so much more!

Marle :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
Hey Terry! Lesse. . .um, I was first a FRIENDS fanatic when I turned the TV on one day summer 1998 'cause I was so bored with all the really bad soaps(no offense to other guys), and when I first saw this I new I liked it! I stopped watching while in fifth grade, but during sixth grade I came across "The Next Gen-Z Zone" and you became one of my best friends that I really looked up to and respected('cause you're older and supery- dupery nice!^______^)and then after talk to you and Arlene and other people I watch as much as possible! Hehehe. . .^^

Meg Golds :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
I first became a Friends fan in November 1998 when the shops had a special offer on the video's 2 for the price of 1, however I bought my first two video's in July- August 1998 and I also watched Lost in Space at the Cinema.

Jess :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
In TOW Wedding, when Chandler and Monica got together! They kept me watching the show, and now nothing will ever keep me away from it! (Although if Chan and Mon don't get married I'll be mad!)

p.k.p.harris :
Fave char : Chandler Bing
1998 i saw all the epiosds friends is the best show in the hole would it is like i know all and there like my family im in 7 grade i will never stop watching friends EVER

Fave char : Chandler Bing
I watched Friends for the 1st time while I was in London in 1996: I'm Italian, and at the time the show didn't air in my country... Anyway, the 1st episode I saw was 'TOW the Prom Video' (2.14, one of the best for R&R), and I just loved the characters of Ross & Rachel !!! But then, as soon as I got to see more episodes, I started to prefer Chandler (Matthew Perry is such a gorgeous & adorable actor !), who is now my fave character... CHANDLER RULES !!! I'm now a huge Matthew Perry fan, but also a big 'Friends Addict' !!!

Now, it's your turn to share your story with the other FRIENDSFreaks!!!!!^O^ How did you become a fan, a freak, a maniac of the show!!!^O^

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