All of Them

Okey, these are some funny moments of all the six friends mock each other or touching scene or y'know.......stuff they do together! The six of them! So, let's begin :

Season 1

ALL: Oh, hey, don't do that! Cut it out!
RACHEL: It's worse than the thumb!
CHANDLER: Hey, this is so unfair!
MONICA: Oh, why is it unfair?
CHANDLER: So I have a flaw! Big deal! Like Joey's constant knuckle-cracking isn't annoying? And Ross, with his
over-pronouncing every single word? And Monica, with that snort when she laughs? I mean, what the hell is that thing? ...I accept all those flaws, why can't you accept me for this?
JOEY: ...Does the knuckle-cracking bother everybody?
RACHEL: Well, I-I could live without it.
JOEY: Well, is it, like, a little annoying, or is it like when Phoebe chews her hair?
ROSS: Oh, now, don't listen to him, Pheebs, I think it's endearing.
JOEY: Oh, (IMITATING ROSS) "you do, do you"?
ROSS: You know, there's nothing wrong with speaking correctly.
RACHEL: "Indeed there isn't"... I should really get back to work.
PHOEBE: Yeah, 'cause otherwise someone might get what they actually ordered.
RACHEL: Ohh-ho-hooohhh. The hair comes out, and the gloves come on.
Ep. 3 ~TOW the Thumb~

MONICA: Alright. Phoebe?
PHOEBE: Okay, okay. If I were omnipotent for a day, I would want, um, world peace, no more hunger, good things for the rain-forest...And bigger boobs!
ROSS: Yeah, see.. you took mine. Chandler, what about you?
CHANDLER: Uh, if I were omnipotent for a day, I'd.. make myself omnipotent forever.
RACHEL: See, there's always one guy. (MOCKING) "If I had a wish, I'd wish for three more wishes."
ALL: Hey Joey. Hi. Hey, buddy.
MONICA: Hey, Joey, what would you do if you were omnipotent?
JOEY: Probably kill myself!
MONICA: ..Excuse me?
JOEY: Hey, if Little Joey's dead, then I got no reason to live!
ROSS: Joey, uh- OMnipotent.
JOEY: You are? Ross, I'm sorry..
Ep. 4 ~TOW George Stephanopoulos~

MNCA: Would you let it go? It's not that big a deal.
ROSS: Not that big a deal? It's amazing. Ok, you just reach in there, there's one little maneuver, and bam, a bra right out the sleeve. All right, as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing a guy can do that even comes close. Am I right?
RACH: Come on! You guys can pee standing up.
CHAN: We can? All right, I'm tryin' that.
JOEY: Ok, you know what blows my mind? Women can see breasts any time they want. You just look down and there they are. How you get any work done is beyond me.
PHOE: Oh, ok, you know what I don't get? The way guys can do so many mean things, and then not even care.
[Long pause.]
ROSS: Multiple orgasms!
Ep. 5 ~TOW the East German Laundry Detergent~

MONICA: That is so unfair!
ROSS: Oh c'mon! When we were kids, yours was the only Raggedy Ann doll that wasn't raggedy!
MONICA: Okay, so I'm responsible, I'm organised. But hey, I can be a kook.
ROSS: Alright, you madcap gal. Try to imagine this. The phone bill arrives, but you don't pay it right away.
MONICA: Why not?
ROSS: Because you're a kook! Instead you wait until they send you a notice.
MONICA: I could do that.
RACHEL: Okay, uh, you let me go grocery shopping, and I buy laundry detergent, but it's not the one with the easy-pour spout.
MONICA: Why would someone do that?! ...One might wonder.
CHANDLER: Someone's left a glass on the coffee table. There's no coaster. It's a cold drink, it's a hot day. Little beads ofcondensation are inching their way closer and closer to the surface of the wood...
MONICA: STOP IT!! ...Oh my God. It's true! Who am I?
ROSS: Monica? You're Mom.
PHOEBE: Ree! Ree! Ree! Ree! Ree!
Ep. 6 ~TOW the Butt~

RACH: Alright, somebody.
MNCA: OK, I'll go. OK, senior year of college... on a pool table.
ALL: Whoooaa!
ROSS: That's my sister.
JOEY: OK... my weirdest place would have to be... the women's room on the second floor of the New York CIty public library.
MNCA: Oh my God! What were you doing in a library?
ROSS: Pheebs, what about you?
PHOE: Oh... Milwaukee.
RACH: Um... Ross?
ROSS: Disneyland, 1989, 'It's a Small World After All.'
ALL: No way!
ROSS: The ride broke down. So, Carol and I went behind a couple of those mechanical Dutch children... then they fixed the ride, and we were asked never to return to the Magic Kingdom.
PHOE: Oh, Rachel.
RACH: Oh come on, I already went.
MNCA: You did not go!
ALL: Come on.
RACH: Oh, alright. The weirdest place would have to be... [sigh]... oh, the foot of the bed.
ROSS: Step back.
JOEY: We have a winner!
Ep. 7 ~TOW the Blackout~

RACHEL: Mon, Ethan called again. Mon?
ALL: [shouting] Mon!
[Monica takes of her walkman]
RACHEL: Ethan called again.
ROSS: Are you not seeing him anymore?
MONICA: No. You know, sometimes just things doesnīt work out.
CHANDLER: And this has nothing to do with the fact that he needs a note to get out of gym.
[Monica stares at Rachel]
RACHEL: I, I didnīt say any... I sw... I did not say anything, I swear.
JOEY: Listen, the next time you talk to him, can you ask him which one the strongest "Power Ranger"
[Ross and Chandler laughs]
ROSS: Oh, yeah.
MONICA: Ha,ha, ha, oh my life is just so amusing. Could we drop it now?
ROSS: Itīs morphin time!
JOEY: Stegosaurus!
CHANDLER: Tyrannosaurus!
[They all cross theyīre arms like the "Power Rangers" do]
Ep. 22 ~The One With the Ick Factor~

Season 2

MONICA: I can't believe you didn't tell me.
PHOEBE: Oh, c'mon, like you tell me everything.
MONICA: What have I not told you?
PHOEBE: Oh, I don't know. Umm, how about the fact that the underwear out there on the telephone pole is yours from when you were having sex with Fun Bobby out on the terrace.
MONICA: Wait a minute, who told you? [turns to Chandler who's looking sheepish] You are dead meat.
CHANDLER: I didn't know it was a big secret.
MONICA: Oh it's not big, not at all, you know, kinda the same lines as, say, oh I don't know, having a third nipple.
PHOEBE: You have a third nipple?
CHANDLER: You bitch.
ROSS: Whip it out, whip it out.
CHANDLER: C'mon, there's nothin' to see, it's just a tiny bump, it's totally useless.
RACHEL: Oh as, as opposed to your other multi-functional nipples?
JOEY: I can't believe you. You told me it was a nubbin.
ROSS: Joey, what did you think a nubbin was?
JOEY: I don't know, you see somethin', you hear a word, I thought that's what it was. Let me see it again.
ALL: Yeah, show it. Show it. The nubbin, the nubbin, the nubbin.
CHANDLER: Joey was in a porno movie.
ALL: Huuh.
CHANDLER: If I'm goin' down, I'm takin' everybody with me.
ROSS: You were in a porno?
JOEY: Ahh, alright, alright, alright, I was young and I just wanted a job, OK. But at the last minute I couldn't go through with it so they let me be the guy who comes in to fix the copier but can't 'cause there's people havin' sex on it.
MONICA: That is wild.
ROSS: [to Chandler] So what's it shaped like?
PHOEBE: Yeah, is there a hair on it?
JOEY: What happens if you flick it?
Ep. 4 ~TOW Phoebe's Husband~

CHANDLER: Gee, Monica, what's in the bag?
MONICA: I don't know, Chandler. Let's take a look.
PHOEBE: Oh, it's like a skit.
MONICA: Why, it's dinner for six. 5 steaks, and an eggplant for Phoebe.
ROSS: Whoo!
MONICA: Yeah, we switched meat suppliers at work, and the new guys gave me the steaks as sort of a thank-you.
ROSS: But wait, there's more. Hey, Chandler, what is in the envelope?
CHANDLER: By the way, this didn't seem so dorky in the hall.
ROSS: Come on.
CHANDLER: Why, it's six tickets to Hootie and the Blowfish! The Blowfish!
MONICA: It's on us, all right, so don't worry. It's our treat.
PHOEBE: So...Thank you.
ROSS: Could you be less enthused?
JOEY: Look, it's a nice gesture, it is. But it just feels like--
JOEY: Charity.
MONICA: Charity?
ROSS: We're just tryin' to do a nice thing here.
RACHEL: Ross, you have to understand that your nice thing makes us feel this big.
PHOEBE: Actually, it makes us feel that big.
ROSS: I don't, I don't understand. I mean, you, it's like we can't win with you guys.
CHANDLER: If you guys feel this big, maybe that's not our fault. Maybe that's just how you feel.
JOEY: Oh, now you're tellin' us how you feel.
RACHEL: Ok, we never shoulda talked about this.
PHOEBE: I'm just gonna pass on the concert, 'cause I'm just not in a very Hootie place right now.
RACHEL: Me neither.
JOEY: Me too.
MONICA: Guys, we bought the tickets.
PHOEBE: Oh, well, then you'll have extra seats, you know, for all your tiaras and stuff.
CHANDLER: Why did you look at me when you said that?
MONICA: Well, I guess now we can't go.
RACHEL: What? Come on, you do what you want to do. Do we always have to do everything together?
MONICA: You know what? You're right.
ROSS: Fine.
JOEY: Fine.
MONICA: All right. We're gonna go. It's not for another six hours. We're gonna go then.
Ep. 5 ~TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant~

Season 3

Rachel: (all excited) Op, op, car! Car!! (sees itís Ross) Ugh!!!
Phoebe: Oh, itís Ross on one of his drives!
Chandler and Joey: Hey!!
Phoebe: Hi!
Rachel: What is he doing here?!
Ross: He is saving your butt, ah, unless of course Iím stepping on some toes here, in which case I can just mosey on, Iíve got plenty of people to help on the Interstate.
All: No! Come on!
Rachel: All right!! Fine! Fine.
{Ross grabs the gas can he brought along, and walks through Joeyís sign destroying it.]
Joey: Arrrghh!!
Chandler: Oh no, now itís not gonna make any sense!
Phoebe: (to Chandler and Monica) You guys, what, what do we do about Ross who drove all the way up here? What do we do? Just like send him back and weíre then gonna go skiing?
Chandler: Oh, this is horrible, itís just horrible.
Joey: Guys, do you think we should ask Ross to come along?
Monica: I know, what about Rachel? I mean how are we even gonna ask her?
Rachel: Ask me what?
Monica: Umm, if ah, it might be okay if Ross came skiing?
Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey: No, I wasnít gonna ask you that, no.
Rachel: You guys are unbelievable. No! He cannot come.
Ross: Excuse me?
Chandler: Itís horrible.
Ross: (sarcastic) Oh please, canít I come to your special, magical cabin?
Rachel: Why would you even want to come Ross? Youíre a horrible skier.
Ross: Oh-oh, hitting me where it hurts, my ski skills.
Monica: Here we go again.
Joey: I-I canít handle this, you guys.
Chandler: Y'know what, I can handle it, handleís my middle name. Actually itís the ah, middle part of my firstname.
Ross: All right Pheebs, your cabís ready.
Rachel: All right, letís go!
Ross: Youíre welcome.
Rachel: Oh, Iím sorry, were you speaking to me or sleeping with someone else?
Ross: We were on a break!
Rachel: Y'know Ross why donít you put that on your answering machine!
Ross: Hey-hey, itís valid okay? And Iím not the only one who thinks so, Monica agrees with me.
Rachel: (to Monica) What?!
Monica: (shyly) I donít know.
Ross: Thatís what you said last night.
Monica: What I said was, was that I understood. Joeyís the one who agreed with you!
Ross: Okay.
Rachel: Really Joey?
Joey: (pause) What?
Phoebe: Y'know what, but there is, there is no right or wrong, here.
Rachel: No, I think itís very obvious whoís wrong here.
Ross: Obviously not to Joey.
[They all turn around and look at Joey.]
Joey: (pause) What?
[They all start fighting with each other.]
Ross: (to Rachel) Look both, Joey and Monica feel the same way that I do. No-no-no-no.
Chandler: Guys, guys, guess who I am?! (starts dancing around in an effort to stop the fighting.)
[They stop briefly to look at Chandler, but then start fighting again.]
Phoebe: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! (they all stop fighting, Chandler continues to dance.) Look what youíre doing to
Chandler!! (Chandler finally stops) (to Ross and Rachel) Yeah, look, we know this is really, really hard for you guys. Okay? (Ross starts to leave) You donít, all right you donít have to love each other, okay? You donít, you donít even have to like each other much right now. But please, you have to figure out a way to be around each other.
Joey: Yeah, and not put us in the middle.
Phoebe: Yeah, otherwise, I mean thatís, thatís, thatís just it for us hanging out together. Y'know is that what you want? (they both look away) Can you be civil?
Rachel: Yeah.
Ross: I can.
Phoebe: Okay. Good, all right, letís get back in the car, Ďcause itís freezing, and my chest is unsupported.
Ep. 17 ~TOW The Ski Trip~

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