Ross & Rachel's Love Story

Aww......the LONGEST history couple!! YEP!! They got such LOOOOONG history of romance!!!!
First, Ross had this crush on Rachel since 9th grade. Then, Rachel finds out accidently on her
birthday, but Ross already have Julie. Now, Rachel's the one who got crush on Ross. Then,
Ross finds out. Ross dumped Julie, they're together. Oh, no,, no!!(Chandlery-style^_^)
Ross made this list which made Rachel mad. They're not together. BUT!! They watched the prom video, Rachel's touched, she kissed Ross, NOW.....they ARE together. But, when it's they're
first anniversary, Ross get jealous of Mark, Rachel told him they need a "break". And when
Rachel told him, that she want to be her girlfriend again, Ross slept with Chloe!! It is still a
secret until Gunther(who had crush on Rachel.....*sigh*.....) told Rachel about it. They broke up. But then, Rachel wants them to get back together again, so they did, but...........they broke up again. Everything's fine, they're back as friends until Ross' wedding day with Emily come. Rachel
realize she still in love with Ross, so she flew to London. But, she didn't say it to Ross. Then,
when Ross and Emily exchange their vows, Ross said Rachel's name instead of Emily's name!!
Phewww..............i'm out of breath here..........anyway, they're back to New York. Rachel, at
last, told Ross that she's in love with him. But, Ross didn't say anything since he's married to
Emily, even though the wife still won't talk to him. But then.......Emily said she'll move to New
York as long Ross don't see Rachel anymore. Ross get confused. But, at the end, he got
divorced with Emily. After a long time since that, Ross and Rachel get drunk in Vegas. And,
they un-conciously married in a chapel. Aaaaaandd..............I dunno what happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, my gosh! See?? I told ya' they got the LONGEST history of romance!!!!!!!