KimuraMatsu Dorama Videos Archive

You've reach the international page of KimuraMatsu Dorama Zone!!^_^ Here, I'll be providing some Japan dramas and movies video clips based on my collection, which are remaining :

1. Dorama : Love Generation (Takuya Kimura, Takako Matsu)
2. Dorama : HERO (Takuya Kimura, Takako Matsu)
3. Dorama : Long Vacation ep. 1-5 (Takuya Kimura, Tomoko Yamaguchi, Yutaka Takenouchi, Takako Matsu)
4. Dorama : PS Genki desu, Shunpei (Koichi Dohmoto, Asaka Seto)
5. Dorama : Itazura Na Kiss (Takashi Kashiwabara, Sato Aiko, Aoki Shinsuke, Nakama Yukie)
6. Dorama : Shota no Sushi (Takashi Kashiwabara, Yoshino Kimura, Ryoko Hirosue)
7. Dorama : GTO (Takashi Sorimachi, Nanako Matsushima)
8. Dorama : GTO Drama Special (Takashi Sorimachi, Nanako Matsushima)
9. Movie   : GTO Movie (Takashi Sorimachi, Norika Fujiwara)
10. Movie : Space Travellers (Takeshi Kaneshiro)
11. Movie : Messengers (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Naoko Iijima, Aoki Shinsuke)
12. Movie : Tokimeki Memorial

Apparently...Love Generation, Long Vacation, Shota no Sushi and GTO(the series) VCDs refuse to cooperate with my computer -_- So, I can't capture any video clips from it. And, since I recorded Itazura Na Kiss from my TV to my VHS tapes, I'm not able to capture video clips from it either, coz I don't have the device to capture clips from VHS sorry...

Oh, the files are in .WMV format or Windows Media files!!^^ You should be able to play it with the latest version of Windows Media Player ^_^

Dorama/Movie's Info
The opening sequence taken from episode 5. So the scenes are pretty much taken from episode 5 too!^_^
The ending sequence taken from episode 6 !

"Can You Keep A Secret?" by Utada Hikaru

1.57 MB
Taking an X-rated recorded tape!!*LOL*
918 KB
Egami-kenji asking Amamiya out! Would you LOOK at his pose!!*LOL*
2.27 MB
What a cruel way to treat the administrators like that!!>_<
1.05 MB
"I know him from high school! He always blink his eyes whenever he's lying!!". I was laughing very hard watching this scene!!!^O^
Amamiya having flashback while running try to find Kuryu on the street.
PS Genki desu, Shunpei
2.84 MB
The opening sequence!

"Naze" by Hysteric Blue

GTO Drama Special
4.23 MB
Opening sequence, with scenes clips from the serial. I personally like the pictures of Onizuka here than the ones on the original serial!!^_^

"Poison" by Sorimachi Takashi

Majo no Jouken
3.75 MB
Opening sequence! Don't have the dorama...just got the opening from GTO Drama Special extras on the beginning!!^^

"First Love" by Utada Hikaru

1.25 MB
Opening sequence also taken from GTO Drama Special extras! Just for your information, this dorama starred by Norika Fujiwara, Ryou and Sato Aiko(the same actress who played the role as Aihara Kotoko in Itazura Na Kiss! You better download this one, if you want to see the elegant and sexy Sato Aiko!! Very DIFFERENT from Kotoko's attitude!!^_~)
GTO Movie
883 KB
Whoa!! German suplex! I was dissapointed when this technique shown in the manga but not in the original serial. Never thought that it would be in the movie!!O_O Sooo cool!!
Space Travellers
4.13 MB
The Space Travellers introduces themselves!!! Very intriguing AND very funny, too!!!^^
7.78 MB
The ending credits where they rap and sing together!!^_^ Some funny scenes occur here, too! 

"Rakushou! It's Your Show!" by Toshinobu Kubota